can a psychic guide you on something that has not happened yet?

October Asked: can a psychic guide you on something that has not happened yet?

I just saw a psychic, one that I have seen before and has said some valid things.She asked me if i was pregnant- oddly, we are discussing having another.She said if we did have one more it wold be a boy.She added she does not recommend us having another due to problems I had in the past pregnancies.I wonder, if she knows about a baby boy, even if there is a problem with him or the pregnancy, is it meant to be that I have another?


BlondeinaBrunette96 Answered:
Yes, she can see you with that other baby which shows she sees you having the child and becoming pregnant
tuisson Answered:
My crystal ball says yes have another one
Bonnie Answered:
She will guide you straight to Hell…. Lord have mercy…
Tbone Vegan Answered:
Don't believe that person.
I believe people may have glimpses of future events but if she said SOME valid things, she may have been guessing.
The problem with these people is the fear of what if something is wrong with the pregnancy.
She is wrong. You shouldn't concern yourself with having problems. It bears no good fruit.
Doubting Like Thomas Answered:
A psychic knows how to read people's faces and body language, and how to keep predictions vague enough that it will seem that the psychic is right , more often than wrong.

Get two small boxes. Put glue on the inside of the bottom of each one. Put four dice in each box.put on the lids, and tape them shut. Give each box a shake, and let them sit for a day, while the glue dries.

Take them to the psychic, and ask that the numbers on the tops of the dice be psychically devined and written down.

Of course, the psychic will give you a perfectly good excuse why this cannot be done.
"I'm faking it!"is a perfectly HONEST reason, but it's bad for business.

gary c Answered:
Alot of psychics know alot of information about a person because they have what is called "spirit guides" some christians call them demons, demonic entities, or evil spirits. Im not going to tell you what I believe but im just stating what certain groups of people believe. Also, you dont have to be christian do believe in supernatural. Alot of wiccans, new age or people who are into magick believe in Spirits good and bad spirits. Some people believe in spirit guides like renown psychic syliva brown. But I tell the only way a psychic can tell you on something that has not happend yet is if the spirits use the knowledge they have about what people
(1) say, (2) what people do.But this is the secret. the psychic is making an educated observation based on what the spirits know about you. I will give you some examples:
Say the psychic tells someone they will die from overdose of drugs, the only way the psychic knows this or could make an educated prediction is from the "knowledge of what the spirits know about you already." Keep in mind spirits or whatever you want to call them, some call them spirit guides, that these spirits know everything that you have done and said to someone. Psychics cannot predict the future without your PAST HISTORY that the spirits possess. So you understand that based on prior behaviors, actions, anyone who knew everyhting you have ever done could make such a prediction. But remember, no one knows the future, the spirits dont know whata person is thinking, but people think they do because the spirits have the ability to hear people talk, they see what people write down or type. Only from observing a person , do they make logical guesses or so called predictions. Now sometimes the demons or spirits (whatever you like to call it) can make certain things to occur. They can cause certain things to happen. I have covered everything you need to know. There is nothing more you need to know.
Ever Smith Answered:
Keep in mind spirits are some call them spirit guides, that these spirits know everything that you have done and said to someone.It can be wondering your chances that have been something meant to be that I have the power or not.

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