Calling all teens! Help!?

Just Asking Asked: Calling all teens! Help!?

Okay, basically; I get picked on for being "different" somehow. I'd just like you teenagers out there to tell me how do you fit in? What can I change? How should I change? Appearance and personality, I don't care as long as people accept me!? Please feel free to share any sort of helpful advice, personal experience, stories etc.
I don't know if this helps but here are some facts about me that might interest you when judging how much I should change or whatever;
– I am 13(female), both parents work most of the time.
– I have started a modeling career.
– I have about 10 back up plans for when modeling is no longer possible due to age or appearance.
– I like to occasionally dress up (make up, accessories, shoes, clothes) but if you ever saw me at home… well let's say I'd be either in my PJ's or jeans with plain shirt and sneakers.
– Despite what others think of models, I am quite geeky.
– My parents are partly musicians so I inherited their skills (vocal skills, guitar…)
– For some unknown reason I tend to get caught on to practicing my guitar until my fingers bleed.
– I am quiet, shy, anti-social.
– I try my best to be as polite and well behaved as possible so I don't cause any trouble (whatsoever)
– My parents have thought of taking me to the psychic because apparently I'm not normal.
– I like to read old (Shakespear old) books and I actually understand things in them.
– I have cut myself in the past because of bullying but I've never mentioned it before.
– No I do not intend to EVER fall into drugs, smoking, drinking or anything like that.
– I have trouble opening up to making too close of friends so I really only have like 2 real friends.
Sorry I know it's all kinda long but I'm confused. I don't know what's wrong with me and I'm scared people keep criticizing everything I do no matter how hard I try. Life is harrrrrrrd and I feel like ending it any time. Please help. Thanks in advance 🙂 xx


kitty Answered:
i don't see anything wrong with you. I could come up with a list longer than that with weirder things, and I'm sure every other teenager on this planet could too. They just don't always have the decency to admit it. Don;t worry..

Lesson333 Answered:
Oh ****, you almost in the same situation than me. Close your eyes and imagine you as an musician and as a model, which one brings you a better feeling?Take what makes you feel better, because in the end, i will be the only thing that matters.

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Nikki Answered:
honestly, it seems like you have a good life. you have ideas for your future if nothing works out, and you already have a career at 13. you are talented and smart from what i can see.
see if they have model classes for teens where you could meet other teen models and maybe start a friendship with them. maybe you could start up a shakespeare group at your school, and other people would join !
watch "to save a life" , if you ever feel like you want to end your life. life is beautiful , and so are you. live it, love it, and learn from it.
you're only young once.

John Fisher Answered:
Yea there isn't anything wrong with u trust me u see Im a guy who get really irrtiaited and pisses for the smallest reasons very simple stuff but I keep all the angry me I don't let other people see it what I'm saying is don't show to much emotions to the people criticizing u

Rob Answered:
Ok, so you know when your younger and people say "just be yourself", well that does not work. But at the same time you should not change yourself just to fit in.

I know what bullying is like, so I'm not gonna say just get on with it, because it's really tough.

Your caught – if you don't change you wont get any relief – but if you change then they have won.

You seem like an amazing person, modelling and brains, now that is something. But it seems you could have anxiety, so go to a school counsleour or a doctor – just someone to talk to.

I wish you only the best of luck.

RAWR Answered:
The way you describe yourself, you seem completely normal to me. Girls at this age are cruel, just hold your head up and don't care what others think of you. As long as you have a couple of friends, who cares what other people think about you. People are way nicer once you're in college (according to my sisters, I'm entering senior year next year.) This one girl everyone bullied, behind her back and to her face, I considered her weird but was never rude to her and avoided her. Then we got paired up for an english assignment, and she is one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. Sure she's "different" but she still is one of the greatest people I know. She's been through a lot, but we really related to each other, so I'm glad we had to work together. Or I would still consider her "weird" and now we are best friends :).

Douglas Clarke Answered:
I know how you feel, I've been there, I'm a 16 yr old guy, trust me it is absolutely normal, you'll get over it, in the meantime, well I am a very good musician myself, and when I sing or play the guitar or the piano or the drums (I play lots of instruments lol)I just get lost in the music and I feel good. You should try and go for live performances, because when you do that, oh DOES IT FEEL AMAZING! haha, really it sort of fills you inside, and you feel great. Just try to have fun, and don't let those lowlives treat you bad. IIf you want to talk with someone I'm here to help. Oh and if you want to mix musical talents I'm in too lol. Good luck.

Emma Stern Answered:
dude, you have a perfect life, I wish I were you and don't worry nothing is wrong with you at all. If someone think there is sth wrong with you, then F*** them, they're just jealous.

Luke H Answered:
It sounds like jealousy in all seriousness!
I'm sure you can appreciate that from others' perspectives a combination of you dressing nicely, getting modeling work at 13 but remaining closed off may be confusing. For many people, especially at your age, this confusion brings on hostility.

In terms of making things easier for yourself, it's all about breaking down the image of being an anti social person. It's very easy for people to dislike what they don't know and see strangers as an enemy.
Even very small interactions with people such as saying hello every once in a while is enough to seem like less of a threat.
You'll find that talking to more people more often will help you find who out there you actually like, and what sorts of people you want to socialize with more.
If you can manage to start talking to a wider range of people you'll soon find you don't have to change. People don't necessarily have to like you to accept you, but once they know that you're not bitching about them, and you don't want to steal their kidneys, the chances are (for the most part) they're not going to be hostile towards you.

Unfortunately you're going through a hard age. Things will most definitely improve with age, and the characteristics that seem to be making life harder now will become your virtues. When all the kids that sat on their *** bitching and picking on people realize they've wasted so many years of their life, it'll be too late to change. Those that sat passive, calm and mature will blossom into more than the bullies could ever hope to achieve.

EllyG Answered:
Okay, so it's not that you aren't "normal" it's that you aren't "typical" I was bullied really bad throughout school, from the time I was in the 2nd grade. I skipped the first grade, so I no one wanted to be friends with the "younger kid". I also changed schools a lot. I was very shy, so I only had a couple close friends (like you). I am graduated now, but for my grad, people insulted me and even during the class video, people booed when my picture came up. It was really tough, especially because even after five different schools, I was still bullied. I was a lot like you, and had most of the same characteristics as you (minus the cutting)

So now onto you:

You shouldn't change yourself for other people, I know it sounds cliche, but it can make you start to feel bad about yourself as a person, and you can get really confused about who you are as a person. I'm not telling you not to change who you hang out with and how to act, but don't lose your values. For example, don't go to a party and get drunk and have sex with a guy so that people will like you. You will regret it and feel bad about yourself later, and that is how people end up getting used.

Now, for the reason you are getting bullied (in my opinion, and from experience):

1. started a modelling career: people are jealous (typical answer, but that's why :P) people don't like it when other people are doing something they want to do, especially if they think that you would NEVER end up doing that. Because they are angry about it, they will make up excuses for WHY they weren't chosen to make themselves feel better: ("I don't know why they chose her, she's ugly" OR "It's probably a really shitty modelling company anyway, I would never want that job!")

2. You have 10 back up plans: Most 13-year-olds have no idea what they want to do, and are just spending their time being young. So when they come across someone who has their whole life planned out, it makes them feel worse about themselves, and like they are going no where

3. The fact that you are quite geeky depends on the people. One school I went to, people liked you more if you were smart, another school people didn't like you as much, another school it made no difference at all!

4. you are good at guitar and music: That makes TWO things you have going for you – modelling AND music? One talent people don't mind, but two gets people really jealous, leading us back to #1!

5. you are polite. That is absolutely amazing and will get you really far. However, most kids will think you are naive or a church girl, etc. I knew a girl like this, and she came across really odd because she would never swear. And when you are your age the coolest, most rebellious thing (next to drinking and drugs) is swearing. It doesn't mean you have to swear, but kids like other kids that aren't afraid to cut loose once in a while. So try saying "what" instead of"pardon me" around other kids… (or something else along those lines) But still stay as sweet as possible around adults!

6. Shakespeare. Most kids don't read at all, and HATE the Shakespeare unit in high school, so when a kid actually LIKES Shakespeare and reads that instead of watching MTV, its really weird. When you get older, people will think that its really neat that you enjoy this, so don't lose that, but when you're young, it's really different, and kids aren't too open to different!

7. not doing drugs mixed with being TOO polite can make people suspicious ("she never does ANYTHING bad, I think her parents are brother and sister" – kids tend to exaggerate!)

8. being shy isn't really a bad thing, but sometimes it can come across as being a *****…

You have a long time until you are done high school, and I know that it's tough, but it does get better! you probably won't believe anything I say until after you are done high school, because I never did. But now I am in college, and everyone is way more mature and no one cares about being "popular" – it just doesn't exist! So stick with it and you will go far when your older. I mean, Demi Lovato was bullied in school and now she's a celebrity!
Good Luck!

Danielle Gartner Answered:
sounds exactly like me except im not in modeling

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