Buying Starter Deck Xyz Symphony with $10 in Quarters: Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/15 – 4/20

I don't want you donating "actual" money, but I do ask would just click ONE ad. Because? 1. it shows you read this part of the description. 2. it shows you like these videos. Most importantly, MY videos. 3. because I gotta eat (Checkers) 4. but it helps me out WONDERS (it's easier than sharing that Kony video) 5. It allows me to attend events and create content backed up by ACTUAL play experience (rather than having a theory) 6. I put time into my videos to make them AWESOME. (you know you like them) Thanks in advance. April 15 (Return of the Duelist) : April 16 (Deck Profile; Vayusworn): April 17:(Light Photon Beat vs Psychics Full Match) April 18:(Heroic Champion Excalibur vs Blade Armor Ninja): April 19:(Light Photon Beat vs Dark World Full Match): April 20: (Treating Female Yugioh Players Equally?): MY YGO Meme Page: Naturia blog: Gladiator Beast Blog General Yu-Gi-Oh! Blog Text Number 410-921-1547 NOTE: Do not call me from this number, I will ignore you. Skype: dpisawesome1 Facebook: Twitter: @dpisawesome DN: dec_silentenigma