Best moveset for Milotic Pokemon Ruby?

BrownTown3 Asked: Best moveset for Milotic Pokemon Ruby?

My Milotic currently knows surf, ice beam, and recover. I don't know what to use as a 4th move. I need some suggestions for the 4th move. It can't be any egg moves because I already raised my Milotic and it's hidden power is not electric, it's either psychic or fight. I was thinking about toxic or rain dance, since it's options aren't that open.


Paul Answered:
Milotic needs a way of taking out Water-types, particularly if you want to use it for the Battle Tower. Since you can't get Mirror Coat and you can't get HP Electric, your best option is Toxic. Milotic has the defenses to stall out an opponent through Toxic damage, and allows you to take on other Water-types (especially Gyarados) fairly freely. It still leaves you exposed to Tentacruel, but Toxic is still your best option.

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