Astrologers, Psychics, tarot readers: this question is for you!?

HibiscusFlower Asked: Astrologers, Psychics, tarot readers: this question is for you!?

Hello to each and every one of you! 🙂 I hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday night!

So here's the gist of what I would like an answer to: In July, I met this awesome guy on a cruise. We hit it off, and went on a date about two weeks after. We haven't spoken since, but I'm interested in attempting to rekindle the spark, and see if he'd be up for going out for coffee to catch up.

I recently went to a psychic, and he told me that I would be seeing him before the Christmas holiday. I was excited, but then I thought to myself "am I creating false hope?" I don't want to be mislead…I just want to know if I should not even bother reaching out, and give up on this guy.

So I ask you all. What's your vibe on this situation? Am I really going to see this guy before Christmas? I hope so!

If any of you are willing to help me, I have a possible exchange offer. I'm a tarot reader, and would be more than willing to exchange this information about this guy and the possible meeting i might have with him for a tarot reading. Let me know if you are interested in the exchange! I think it's a good deal.

Anyways, I appreciate all the help. You will be saving me a lot of heartache and time by being honest with me. I don't want to waste anymore time on a guy who doesn't even care.

Thank you – Hibiscus Flower <3

PS – My birth date is 09/25/1993, and my birth time is 1:38 AM.


Talita K Answered:
You have the gift of mercy. I have it too. It can be found in the Bible.
Sarah Answered:
You probably are a genuine, sweet-hearted person.

Children, adults are attracted to those people. They feel comfortable around them… Because of the nature of the person.

Jos h2o Answered:
It sounds very exceptional.
I can relate to a little of that–where I work, people will just emotionally unload on me. I'm an extremely introverted person, never say anything unless I have to(online is another story), never exuberant in public, rarely do I smile in public. Yet for some reason, strangers standing in line at Wal Mart will tell me their life story. I've got a couple friends that see me almost as a counselor and it's kind of awkward for me, to be honest.
I'm the youngest(20) of four children. My older brother told me a month before he told anyone else that his wife was pregnant with their second child(who is about a year and a half now). My sister told me a couple weeks before she told anyone else that she was engaged(happily married now).

Children for the most part don't like me. A few have been as you described; following me, talking to me, stuff like that. My nieces, when I see them(they live in Wisconsin, I live in Texas), are like my shadow, and the older one is always going "Josh!!!"

Never known who would talk to me about what, though. That's impressive. Have you considered the field of psychiatry? You'd be a life changer for some.

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