Astrologers please help with relationship question!?

Hayls Asked: Astrologers please help with relationship question!?

A psychic told my parents that I have been/ will be cheated on in a relationship. Is it really possible to tell from my chart if I will be cheated on in a future relationship/marriage?

DOB- 26 Jan 1990
Time: 00:47 AM
Place: Washington DC USA

Serious answers only please! And any information is greatly appreciated.


vasuastro Answered:
According to chart no good luck in love and not much batter your marriage life future is good with economical life
ScorpiusOne Answered:
I study serious astrology and the answer is no, there is nothing in your or anyone else's natal chart that can predict such a thing.This is why I object to many statements made by "psychics" and predictive astrologers.These statements are so vague it's as useless as reading those nonsense horoscopes in newspapers and magazines.Why do they make them?Well, divorce rates in the US are running somewhere between 40% – 50% and one of the top five reasons for divorce is infidelity.So, the "psychic" has a good chance of being right with at least half of these predictions.Probably even a higher chance if you consider just relationships in general in addition to marriage.

You're an Aquarius with Scorpio rising but your chart shows a very strong Capricorn influence (Moon Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn and on the cusp of your 3rd house a very mental house) which would tend to make you ambitious, work-oriented, practical, to some people emotionally cool, maybe too serious.You also have Taurus in the 7th House – a sensual, earthy sign but with all of that Capricorn influence perhaps tending towards accumulating material comfort too much.If the "psychic" had access to this information, then it wouldn't take a giant leap for her/him to predict relationship problems because also among the top five causes of divorce and the breakdown of marriages is lack of time and money problems.If the Capricorn influences are strong in your life (I did not look at aspects) then the best partner for you would be someone who understood and appreciated your traits, not someone who demands constant attention, is a spendthrift, and who interferes with your goals.

But if you don't like that strong influence in your life, then know that your natal chart does not condemn you to be a certain way forever.Astrology is a tool to be used to understand yourself and others.It can identify your basic traits, point out strengths and weaknesses, and knowing these things will enable you to adjust and compromise and make changes if you so desire.Those things always help to make relationships work whatever sign you might be.

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