Are there spirits in my house ?

MynameisDnice Asked: Are there spirits in my house ?

Every night when I laydown to sleep or whenever I take a nap to relax I feel like someone is tickling my back or my neck . Its like they are breathing on me. I used to hear someone banging on my walls in the night but I got someone to remove him . Every where I went there was banging on the walls and someone in my kitchen . Things have even flown out the trash can when I walked by . Ive seen the spirits throw things on the floor .

I thought the psychic lady got rid of him for good . but someone keeps tickling my back . Its been banging on the walls in every apartment ive had and making.noises with the dishes. Could I be closer to God than others or a curse ???


Supas Answered:
I only believe spirtits would go to heavan or hell. But thats my belief. I would be closer to god and have him in your heart. I think they could be demons that are tickling you back.
Chilo Answered:
It's been scientifically proven by science that it's all in your head.

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