Are there so many spoiled ill behaved children because their parents feel just as entitled?

Ava Brown Asked: Are there so many spoiled ill behaved children because their parents feel just as entitled?

Gosh Shine is irritating me today. I read this woman's article:

She's complaining that every restaurant she goes to doesn't revolve around children. She complains that she ordered hot food and it didn't arrive at room temp for her kid. She complains there is not enough activities for the kids to do and their food doesn't arrive fast enough. She complains that they had cookies they were selling for charity by the register.

How about just thinking ahead when you go out to eat with your kids rather than expecting psychic abilities from the employees there? If your kid will get antsy waiting on the food bring something to entertain them. If they spot the cookies either tell them no and be a parent or buy them a flipping cookie. If you're worried about the underpaid server holding a coffee pot too close to your kid order your coffee at the counter or not at all. You know the plates come hot in a restaurant so teach your kid how to deal with it or ask them to bring an extra plate and transfer the food, or just tell them to bring the kid's meal cooled down rather than expecting them to just know. Is this woman in fantasy land?


desmeran Answered:
well there's another two minutes of my life wasted reading a vacuous article.

it is entitled articles like that that prompt the outrageous comments on the other extreme that were made in response to the first article.

Daniel Ray Answered:
Kids are spoiled because parents want to give their children better lives then what they had, unfortunately this means over indulgence to a sickening extent

From Puerto Rico Answered:
This is stupid the whole thing today

Gummy Bear Answered:
I didn't read this, use less words next time

Southern Bella Answered:
Im commenting bc, I myself have a "almost two" year old (age wise), but plenty "two" (terrible 2's wise) who is, as it was mentioned in the article, NOT a good dinner companion.It is absolute HELL for ME to take her to a restaurant.I say this bc I wouldn't dream of letting her impose on anyone else.Shes mine, right??I dont get to sit there and enjoy a meal while my kid goes nuts and then expect someone else to address it.IF I must go out to eat with her, I pack like Im going on a 2 week European vacation, child in tow.We have a portable dvd player with preloaded spongebob dvds, those invisible markers (so she ONLY colors on her special paper), bottles, sippy cups…if she can dream it up, Ive got it on hand.And if ALL of that fails, we go for a walk outside while everyone finishes up, they box mine and I consider it yet another lesson learned.But what I dont ever feel is guilty that Ive ruined someone elses meal, or even the servers nerves – Id never let it get that far, no way.

I do however have a "friend" (playing it fast and loose with that term here) who is the mother of a total monster, just a few months older than my daughter.Shes one of "those moms" who will allow tantrums, screaming, throwing, spitting drinks on the floor and across the table, leaving the floor and surrounding areas looking like a bomb went off in a chicken nugget factory – its insane!Last time (seriously, the very last time…haha) we dined out as a 6-some (two couples and two kids) I left horrified by her behavior.At one point she poured out the salt and pepper on the table and let her kid drive lil cars thru it like some kinda darn pseudo-sandbox, wtf??She snipped at the waitress (who was VERY nice to us) bc the drink she brought was apparently not a proper child proof cup (lid that easily popped off) – as if that is HER problem??Bring one if you want something specific – hello!We were at PF Changs (eh…relatively nice, I mean, its not Applebees ya know) and her lil brat sprayed the entire dining room with fried rice, to which she responded by asking the waitress for a "refill" plate, bc of course, the first meal had "spilled".No one gives refills on food Mom!!!But…she did!Wow.

Heres the kicker – our waitress had a table that she apparently knew sitting near us.Its true that she was talking to them when she was not otherwise busy.However, I swear it never affected her customer service as far as our table was concerned.But what does diva mom do – asks the waitress (the really lovely gal I mentioned earlier) to call her manager over to our table.I wasn't there bc I had taken both kids on one of those "walks" I mentioned (funny too, bc my daughter keeps saying, "why momma, why?" and pointing at her kid who was acting up – and I wanted to say, "bc my dear, that's how her mother is raising her") – so the manager comes by and she COMPLAINS that our server was loafing around at that other table.I didn't see it, like I said, but this enraged my husband so badly he got up and left – went to the hostess stand, handed a buncha cash to the greeter and told her to give it to our server – then apologized greatly and waved for me to come running.He said he was so embarrassed he will never step foot in there again.It gets worse.This is going on too long, I know, but you wont believe this.After we left, the server, being the stand up lady she apparently is, gave the "change" to my "friend" and her husband.Now we didn't want any change given to anyone.He intentionally WAY overpaid as a way to settle his rage over the situation.He even said in the car he hopes the additional cash (lets say about 50 bucks) helps offset the pain in the a$$ our table turned out to be.Guess what…wait for it…they KEPT OUR CHANGE.I didn't find out til months later.She said something causally like, "blah blah blah, we had the worst server, I didn't even tip her" and I was like, "well WE did, so no worries there", that's when she told me they had rec'd change.I was so pissed.I swear to God there are a million other reasons not to enjoy this woman's company, but that very experience was point break for me.

Thanks for listening to my long story.And FYI – I really only wanted to comment to let you all know, not ALL of us moms are ignorant a$$holes when it comes to dining.I feel the same way now, as I always have, about kids in restaurants.I, for one, choose to do it differently – I truly wish more parents would join me….or stay home!


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