Are there any REAL psychics in the world?

Hi Youre All Sexy Asked: Are there any REAL psychics in the world?

I'm psychic. The other day I predicted that if I put money in a candy machine and entered a special code written below the candy bar candy would fall within my grasp. I put the money into the machine, entered the code, and there was a turning motion but nothing fell down and Ithought my vision must have misled me. Sure enough a friendly janitor appeared and with a single knock brought caused the candy to fall from it's resting place into my grasp. Once again my psychic powers were put to good use. (Giving me a sugar high.)


Nakkiel Answered:
Yes. All psychic abilities in the world are governed by a team of highly trained guinea pigs and the nostrils of dead fish.
Thunder Child Answered:
Yep.And they don't charge a lot of money for their services.
Cat Answered:
Yes there are real psychics also no real psychic would charge you any money for their services…………………………..

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