Are there any psychics here?

Asked: Are there any psychics here?

im psychotic


othelzer Answered:
There are three, but i sense that the other two are just lurking.

Artist formerly known as Meds Answered:
Just terrible ones.

Shinigami FAC Answered:
yes, me

Zyla ExE Answered:
I am good at sounding psychic

RedBeard Answered:

You want me to read you?

Whatever is on your mind right now…I am getting a sound of "eh" or "ah", maybe it's "ay",…and there is a hard sounding consonant with it.Is there a name of a person or place that you recognize from this?Is this the source of your dilemma?

But all BS aside…
Anyone, yes anyone, can learn to see the human aura, and many people can learn to modify it.Do people make psychic walls of energy to protect themselves?No.It's not like that.But many people unaware of what human energy is do mistake it for a psychic power, and believe in it themselves.

Lefty The Leftfielder Answered:
No. And there never will be.

Ben Crimson Answered:
lol haven't seen this question in awhile.nice one.

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