Are there any jobs that deal with astrology?

AGM Asked: Are there any jobs that deal with astrology?

Excluding tarot card readers and "psychics".


Judge Julie Answered:
No – but "clairvoyants" do very well!
Reena Answered:
Not really… the above two things you mentioned are just about it. About the only legit one is writing the daily horoscope for a newspaper… but I think that one is taken by some syndicate that has the dips on that job and they don't predict giving it up to a newcomer.

You could join the ranks of all the other people with their websites that promise to read your horoscope? Might be a bit tight in that can of sardines but if you are good you can outdo the competition?

Freefromdrama Answered:
An astrologist is somebody who studies the position of the planetary bodies within our universe in order to make predictions on future outcomes or interpret the meaning of past events. '

The numbers are staggering. According to a Harris Poll, 48 million Americans believe in Astrology, along with hundreds of millions of people around the world. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people look for guidance in their lives every day. They seek clarity about relationships, career, health, finances, and other major decisions. These facts mean that you have an opportunity to make an excellent income, where demand for qualified Astrologers is huge, and wealthy clients are willing to pay you handsomely for your time and expertise.

Don't forget that there are multiple ways to make money as an Astrologer. These include not only private and group sessions, but also classes, parties, phone coaching, web sites, and seminars.

The first side to this ancient art is the spiritual side where you will learn to use your clients birth day and year to draw up a chart that displays much information about them and their personality. With this chart you can now guide them and tell them of events in the present and future with regards to their health, relationships and money. The second factor in astrology is the emotional and psychological side. Here your clients desires will be shown and how they will either come into their lives or not. The third part is taking this new information and helping your client to understand it and how they can put it to use in everyday life

A good understanding of planetary movement and its relevance to a given date is crucial, and forms the core of learning to be an astrologer.
Good general grasp of the principles of astronomy are also helpful, and will provide a good basis for growing the foundation of knowledge.
Compassionate attitude towards customers, who may be sensitive, vulnerable or concerned about what the future may bring. Discretion is also very important.
Ability to translate lunar interpretation into involving and relevant rhetoric, in a way that the customer can understand.
Ability to communicate clearly and with confidence in a one-on-one situation

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