Are there any good psychics/mediums in delaware?

Sarah Asked: Are there any good psychics/mediums in delaware?

I really want to get in contact with family members that have past.I want to go to someone reasonably priced and friendly.


NarwhalBacon Answered:
There are no good psychics/mediums anywhere who have demonstrated their abilities sufficiently.
SKILF Answered:
Was "Sarah" also your grandmother's name?
Doubting Like Thomas Answered:
here's how you find one:
Put a bit of glue on the bottom of a small box, and drop in half a dozen dice.
Tape on the lid, and give it a little shake.
Let it sit for a day, so the dice will be glued to the bottom.
Then call around, tell the psychic that you'll be bringing the box in, and that the psychic must use the Power to tell you what the total dots on top of the dice add up to. Failure to get the number right means no real power.

If the psychic won't make the appointment, try another.
The major probability is that those who claim to be able to discern the Unknown will not even risk the embarrassment.
And the second major probability is that when you cut the tape and look at the dice, the number that the psychic wrote down, will be wrong.

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