Are psychics real or fake?

Asked: Are psychics real or fake?

like, can they give u real fortunes? just wondering cuz my mom&i were at target and this lady kept staring at us..then she gave us her card to get our fortune….


Mackenzie Joe Answered:

OMG Its me beotch Answered:
Fake , fake and fake!

many people who claim they are? are nothing but scams, but there is people who do have such abilities

Whoopi teh Whale Answered:
"I'm sensing an W… W mean anything to anyone?
Yes, Whoopi?"
"Yeah. W is my name!"
"The spirit is telling me you're eventually gonna die."
"Oh my gawd!"

Thy Name Is Brad Answered:
Maybe she liked how you looked.. You know.. Like that Pedo ****.

cold pizza Answered:
If they could they wouldn't do it for money, because they could get rich predicting the sock market.

pieman Answered:
I used to think they were all crap but recently i did go to one who blew me away with details.
She new everything that was going on in my life.
She knew details of conversations that only me and one other person knew.
She told me about stuff that i did not know about my family but i went away and asked people in my family and what she said was correct.
She was not vague with her information. For every person and everything she told me she referred to the person as to their relationship to me. So if it was my mother she called her my mother. Same for dad, brother grandmother and so on.
I have no idea how she could know so much about me and every day i wonder how is it possible.
To be honest i was tormented by it for a while cos i know she said things that there is no way she could have know but she did know.
But the point is everything she said was correct.
I did not tell her anything about me and i probably said about ten words in the 70 minutes with her. For the rest of the time she did all the talking.
So my answer is maybe some or alot of them out there are all crap but the one i saw must have some sort of special powers to know what she knew.

Megan Phillips Answered:
Most of these I'm on the fence about, as in, have to see it to believe it but I'll answer anyway.
Ghosts? No.
Aliens? Yes, it's crazy to think Earth is the only planet in the whole UNIVERSE that has life forms.
Psychics? Umm… no, not really. But maybe.
The supernatural? It seems unlikely. Maybe though.
God? No. I'm an athiest.
Super Humans? Yep
Love? Of course.

Just Another Infatuated Teenage Girl 3 Answered:

Karina Answered:
yes, all of the above…

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