Are my Pokemon ready to fight Liza and Tate?

Asked: Are my Pokemon ready to fight Liza and Tate?

(This is in Pokemon Ruby) I just defeated Winona. I haven't gone to Lilycove or Mossdeep yet, but I just want to know. Are my Pokemon ready? Do I have to train them some more?

Blaziken: Lv. 38 (Peck, Double Kick, Blaze Kick, Overheat)
Gardevoir: Lv. 33 (Psychic, Calm Mind, Shock Wave, Teleport)
Absol: Lv. 34 (Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Thunderbolt, Swords Dance)
Magneton: Lv. 34 (Supersonic, Sonicboom, Thunder Wave, Spark)
Pelipper: Lv. 31 (Wing Attack, Surf, Fly, Steel Wing)
Sandslash: Lv. 30 (Sandstorm, Sand-Attack, Rock Smash, Slash)

I know, I know. Their movesets are terrible. So if you could give any suggestions with which movesets they should have, I'd appreciate it.


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