Are dream premonitions considered psychic. please read and answer.?

margaret c Asked: Are dream premonitions considered psychic. please read and answer.?

This has only happened to me twice so far. When i was married I had a dream that me and my husband were in a new apartment, and he was with another woman in the other room, they were kissing and obviously acting like a couple. When I woke up I asked my husband who is sharon and I described her exactly. His response was "I cant believe you have been following me. Needless to say but we are no longer married.The second time this happened was a guy I was dating and that i worked with was sent away on a business trip for 2 months. About 3 weeks after he was gone I had a dream that I went to work, starting talking to my colleagues over coffee as usual, went to our loading dock and was super excited to see my boyfriend back early. The following morning when I woke up everything happened exactly like I dreamed it. I even told my friends about the dream prior to going outside,so they were as shocked as I was. Of course I have had all sorts of weird coincidences in my life like most people. Im just not sure what I could be doing to enhance these premonitions. I am clueless.


Gigi Answered:
it happens to people everyday so no your not special 😉

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