Are capricorns psychic people?

It girl Asked: Are capricorns psychic people?

My close friend is a cap and I have love and respect for her. She's the only friend who knows her boundaries, is respectful (respects herself) and is just as independent as I am. She tells me honestly w/o being too overly critical and catty and I do see her visions are "realistic", especially with my own visions. (She just gets it). I'm a sag and I've always been "single". Not bc I can't commit but I've never really found someone special enough to commit too. We have 2 other friends who are super obsessed with marriage, while we were the only ones who looked forward to it but wasn't in a rush. Out of all of us "single" gals, I declared myself being last to get married… maybe like 30 (but who knows).

Anyhoo, she's been going through a break up of a long term boyfriend (years and years) since the beginning of this year, however they're still very close and I understand. he's at that age that he wants to get married and she's not. If they were to get back together, they would have to get married. Lately, she's been saying how she can imagine me getting married soon… and I would do it before her (which doesn't make sense bc I don't have a boyfriend, she does, and even if I did, I don't want to rush into that)… I don't know why…i don't know if it's psychological or she's wants to live through me with her dreams or if she's being negative on herself…have no idea. We never seriously talked about marriage, just little trivial stuff like wedding details but nothing serious. And she has a serious/realistic personality. Not like me where i'll talk my dreams away haha she was saying how, "you never know. what if you get married next year?" GIRL, are you kidding me? haha I'll be 25 but I've got a long way to go, I got dreams to do on my own first, and she knows this (bc she's the same way).Also, she's just been very positive and certain that it will happen to me and how time goes by fast… she sees this marriage this as "serious", whereas (obviously) i'm still seeing it so lightly…I'm not in a relationship now however I'm in that frame of mind of wanting to be with the right person and in a serious relationship…but that'll happen when it happens…
Why is my friend acting like this?


Lie Jay Answered:
listen pretty baby i cant imagine how beautiful you look in those jeans and your hair fits your personality

Bhagat Ram Handa Answered:
Nothing like that, dont be sticky, the capricorn are very inteligent, lawlovers

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