Anyone with experience in Cancer Cancer relationships?

Manderz Asked: Anyone with experience in Cancer Cancer relationships?

What do you like and not like about a same sign relationship?
This has the potential to work but both are so sensitive and psychic that they could come to wish they didnt know how to read each others minds after all? Some relationships need a little mystery?
Also what signs company do you seem most attracted towards?
Sun Cancer
Venus Leo


713 Answered:
well i was never more than friends with fellow cancers, but our relationships (as friends) were strong. I liked that they understand me, and there's a certain vibe between us that just isn't there with other signs.
I'm generally attracted to fire signs and aquarian's company. However, in my journalism class half the class was water signs and the friends in my group ended up consisting of: 4 cancers, one scorpio, and two pisces. the rest of the class wasn't water signs and they all sort of grouped together. it was odd…
cancer sun
gemini moon
leo venus

Taeyoung Answered:
I wouldn't date my own cancer sign knowing that we're are so much alike it'll be dating a reflection of myself and knowing how crazy our mood swings are me and her will have constant mood swing war and emotional war…I can't handle having that type of relationship. So no thx. I'm attracted to leos and pisces mostly.

Dominick Answered:
Kaia master video

"Students when the cameras roll I'm gonna wave my hands around like a retard and I want all of you to fall down and act like you're in pain."

The One Who Knows Answered:
It works like a hypnotic suggestion. This is why a majority of the individuals susceptible to it are students of the art itself – it works because they believe it is real, and that information is reinforced because they see other people flopping on the ground.

judomofo Answered:
Many of the top answerers hear can tell you how very real it is.

Once one has established his training in Judomofo's Chi Enhancement system, the super human powers they develop are beyond your wildest imaginations.

However it is something we don't talk about… it is very exclusive, very expensive, and very secretive. We are worried some military of the world will attempt to force me to teach it to them, and give them an overwhelming advantage. No civilian… no human should know this stuff.. in the wrong hands… I shudder to think…

But it is REAL… Scary real! The powers I have developed… I have to sleep in a hyperberic chamber just so I don't accidently unleash something in my sleep….

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