Any real psychic out there ? ? Will pay $ $ $?

ben adanis Asked: Any real psychic out there ? ? Will pay $ $ $?

I need help from a real one and can pay


Raigh Answered:
I predict that you will be scammed

Zombie Crazyfool Answered:
Real ones?Nope.

Comet Meebro Answered:
I am about as real as anyone else claiming to be a psychic.Pay me!

Take your lumps Answered:
I see poverty in your near future due to stupidity.

Storm the Bastille Answered:
Yes, I can predict anything you want me to. Just pay first….

scooterpoop Answered:
For my first prediction, I declare that you can't afford a real one so you're using Yahoo.

darkvelvetrain Answered:
I'm a real psychic – divination by tarot.What do you need to know?

But before that, let's discuss payment.

Raigh, I don't come to your ________(insert place of work) and tell you the customers that _________ (insert what you do that is illegal), __________ (insert what you do that is unethical), and cockroaches ________ (insert something gross), so why you gotta ruin it for me?

Jon L Answered:
Gypsy Peaseblossom at your service.

What do you need to know, dear?

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