Any psychics out there? Serious only pls.?

Desperatelyseekingnormalcy Asked: Any psychics out there? Serious only pls.?

I would like to know if and when I will have children. Will it be with my husband? It's very important to me. Pls no nasty messages. Im desperate to know.


green Answered:
your question contradicts itself" serous psychics " lol

tmclone Answered:
No sensible person has children. Period.

Brendan Answered:
No it won't be with your husband. I can sense tradgedies in your future.

Julian Sierra Answered:
Well this is easy. I'll answer you question with some questions. Have the doctors told you you can't have children? Have you had sex with your husband? If so, when?

Mr Ranch Answered:
I knew you were going to ask this question, so I put myself into a trance to find the answer. Here it is:

You will have three children, each by a separate man. Two boys and one girl; however one of the boys will have sexual re-assignment surgery at the age of 18. Your husband eventually learns that none of the children are his and runs off with a tattoo artist named Shelby.

Omar Cayenne Answered:
"You're going to die…next Tuesday…"
–Dan Akyroyd (Telepsychic)

Roberto Sepulveda Answered:
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