Any psychics? I would like a psychic reading?

Upset customer Asked: Any psychics? I would like a psychic reading?

Please write complete birth details as date of birth time of birth and place of birth with your question for batter answer


vasuastro Answered:
FRiend you have not ask any question here.
If you give your birth details,like date,place and time then it will be easy to give answer.
You can write me if you wish ! Don't worry it's free
Japanelo Diranela Answered:
It's called coincidence.Your not special, sorry
OTTO Answered:
Yes you are psychic.
Denis Answered:
Can you give me the 64/9 numbers and Id I win we'll split it 50/50?
Jeremiah Answered:
My name is Jeremiah.I would like to talk to you.My email address is what you are saying is true than I would love to help you in whatever way I can.I've met people like this in the past.Please email me.And yes, its entirely possible that you possess psychic abilities.Many people will redicule you and very few will take you seriously, but I do.
julie Answered:
or just lucky.
it'd be pretty darn awesome if you were.
Liberachi Answered:
Yeah it happens to me too. I will have a dream one night, I'll dream of someone I havnt seen in years, and the next day that dream will come true. Everyone has a lil psychic ability, some more in tune than others.
William Answered:
the mind is a difficult thing to understand but perhaps you are gifted with premonition but its not that uncommon.dreams show us things that we don't normally see or that we aren't aware of

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