any psychic who could please answer my question?

ann36libra Asked: any psychic who could please answer my question?

will I get anything special on my birthday on september 25, 2011? will I get a trip to los angeles as my birthday gift? OR will I get something else on my birthday?

will I receive any pleasant surprises or messages in the mail?

OR will my family forget my birthday and ignore me yet again?

**tired of making my own birthday meal and acting like my family ignoring me and my birthday doesn't bother me, IT HURTS MORE THAN anything and talking is a futile way to approach them about it have tried till I'm blue in the face**

thank you.


smiley Answered:
When I consult the orb I see many distracting things.First a large purple object with…wait, is that a boy…I think it's your brother…or a mail influence.Corn and more yellow nuggets…ribbons and bows and balloons and WOW – It's a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!

kellring Answered:
It's easier to approach life like a dog; they don't know or care how old they are and that they will die someday. This just keep on keeping on.Smile the world loves you.

minnie spence Answered:
Don't wait on your family to do those thing for you . Make plans for yourself , like get a massage , plan a small party with a few close friends & smile . Have fun and don't think about the past .

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