any psychic support groups i can rely on?

Patrick Asked: any psychic support groups i can rely on?

ever since i was 5 i started seeing spirits and it hasnt stopped is there a group i can talk too?


The Todd Self Five Answered:
Call ghost busters.
D3Y KALL M3 H3ARTBR3AK3R Answered:
Idk of any but if u look it up on Google you mite find something
Katie Belton Answered:
They know about you, and you about them, because you are psychics.
Latrodectus Answered:
Ill tell you what, you can give me 50 dollars a day and I will give you a very vague description of what may or may not be happening in your life.
Nobody Answered:
Try going to an actual psychiatrist in case that it is just a medical condition.
Dr House Answered:
Sure, they are known as mental institutions.
Lea Williams Answered:
read the Bible, go to church and pray to God.
Galactus Answered:
Contact James Randi.He will pay you $1 million for evidence of your ghost.
Mar Answered:
The only people that believe in spirits are Native Americans, Catholicism..
Cindi Answered:

You need to talk to your parents
or consult a trained psychiatrist

Good luck.

Pingan Answered:
Yes, I believe you can reach Bruce Willis if you live near him. He will be in the phone book under "Willis, Bruce". He should be able to help you.

Hopefully you aren't really dumb enough to trust a psychic.

Any "psychic" who may actually answer this, how many fingers am I holding up right now?

Bet I don't get any answers to this and they even have a 1/10 chance.

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