Any psychic or clairvoyant reader who could help answer a question(s) for me please?

Jujugal Asked: Any psychic or clairvoyant reader who could help answer a question(s) for me please?

when will I get the financial reporting administrator job with NY community bank from patricia king? When will I hear from her?

When will I start working at NYCB?

Will this job be very difficult for me to perform, will I be fired from the job in 90days or NOT (kind of scared of this job BUT want to work badly? is there alot of phone work involved?

will there be lots of overtime?

Will my hours be 8:30am to 5:30 pm??And last question how tough & scary will be my boss/bosses?

thank you to the readers who can generously be able to help me out here on yahoo answers.


dsw Answered:
The hunger of the soul cannot be satisfied with physical pleasures.I have been going through a spiritual sort of awakening for the last 6 to 8 months myself.I have come to realize that just because I was raised some way doesn't mean that it is right or it is the way that I have to always be.All I have ever known is what my society and family have told me.Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, etc…. are all wrong, and Christians are right. Well I have been learning about all religions, and most of them all follow the "Golden Rule" and a lot have the same principals. Love God and Love your fellow man.I am a 37 year old man, and I have spent most of my life drinking, and getting stoned, but I have come to terms with none of that being able to satisfy my soul.While doing research on fasting, meditating, etc…I cam across a book online called "the Urantia book"I decided to check it out, skeptically for sure, since I have never read a book as an adult and this book is over 2000 pages. The first 2 parts of the book are about the universe, the 3rd is about our planet, and the 4th is a 700+ page account of the life of Jesus, which I must warn you, doesn't go completely along with the record that Paul came up with in the New Testament.The information that it contains has been astonishing to me. It contains the history of our universe, planet, and life on Urantia "Earth"It helped me to not be afraid to question everything and to not be a sheep.It contains information and historical accounts about science, philosophy, spirituality, evolution, revolution, etc…The book gets a bad rap, but I have never found anything that sounded so right to me. The information in it has made me sure and confident that what I am going through is not in vain.If you ever feel like discussing anything about spirituality etc… feel free to message me. I am trying to understand what and why people believe what they do.Peace be with you!

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