Any psychic clairvoyant type reader who could answer my question?

Invi Asked: Any psychic clairvoyant type reader who could answer my question?

when will citigroup/citibank call me up for a job interview for the operations support represenative position I applied to online just recently to?

3 days or 3 weeks?

and do I end up getting this job and being comfortable & successful in it???

OR when do I get a calls from a companies called gemini fund services for there mutual fund accountant job that I applied to last week? Or the company broadridge for the operations associate position that I applied to a few days ago as well?

NONE of the JOBS has phone #'s or direct email addresses where I can follow up and see if my resumes/applications have been reviewed yet so that's definitely out of the question.

thank you for the genuine answers ; please don't delete my question.


JORGE N Answered:
Hmm. I see you losing your patience. No actually your money is going fast and you need more and more to get back to work. You haven't mentioned applying to many places but that seems to be what you are going to have to do. And chances you are trying to hold out for the better job but will have to take what comes in the meantime. I see that that is what you are going to do. And I'm not even a clairvoyant. Nor psychic. Not even smart. You just seem to be typical and normal. Almost like any other human in this land.

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