Any psychic (clairvoyant) reader help answer my question below please?

Asked: Any psychic (clairvoyant) reader help answer my question below please?

my diet is meticulously clean & kept very bland I don't even eat junk food or juice or soda of any kind

Will my upper endoscopy test this Thursday on Sept 13, 2012 at 1:30pm be easy quick & painless? or Will I end up awake during the test and be frightened to the point my gag reflex will get in the way?

Will the gastro specialist doing the test find anything BAD like hiatel hernia or acid reflux or will he find nothing at all as to why I keep feeling nauseated & constantly in vomit mode?

Will I be prescibed any medication depending on what he finds if yes what types of meds will he prescribed to get rid of the lump in my throat sensation??

Many thanks & please I believe in readings don't rain on my parade. I've had 2 readings in my life & one was a medical intuitive that read me so clearly but he moved. And the other I can't find in the phone book anymore or online.



Seek the holy spirit and no other spirit for they are all of death and will lead you to death.
Start a lemonade stand. But instead of selling lemonade, sell psychic readings?. Don't forget the gypsy makeup, dress, and crystal ball!.
There is no such thing as a psychic. But i can test you right now. What am i thinking? I promise if you somehow get it i will say you did.
First, you go get a million dollars from James Randi.

Pass that and you'll be rich and everybody will believe you.Then you can do whatever you want.

you can feel what other people are feeling?? lolok, what am i feeling?

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