Any helpful Psychics can you read into this, please?

Mika Asked: Any helpful Psychics can you read into this, please?

I'm asking in a new category:)
I know they're might be some ******* that will disrespect this question, but this is for anyone who cares to truly answer my inquiry. I'm a girl & about 2 years ago I made eye contact with a girl who completely blew me away. We started talking more then usual recently & We're acquaintances at the moment,but very relateable & I feel this unexplainable feeling with her. She's been in my dreams & I know it's because I constantly think of her & want her. She gives me an indecribeable, amazing feeling. There's things in my life that stop me from romantically pursuing her she deserves the very best & I know I'd love her with so much devotion, she makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. Maybe in another life perhaps? (Dear helpful psychics I'm sorry, but if I had the money & freedom to do so I would gladly pay for your help I understand you have needs too.)

lol xD i know i'm bi
& I like my vagina , thank you lol you guys are great I just need to know more spiritual, "third eye" information on this


Neha Answered:
Ohh wow.. But ever tried to know .. What she is.. If she is not u will be hurt right?… Better to know about her first den devote urself and all.. And this is really idiotic to change the category of the wquestion.. Alright?.
I would jus say. Never do that again
Oiras E Answered:
I'm no psychic and to be honest I'm kind of on two minds about their existence, but I am sure that you're not going to find that girl unless you take a radical, ACTUAL action. Ask around the place you first met her. Maybe someone knows about her there.
Kip R Answered:
Grow up.
Cake Was A Lie Answered:
fireball eats poop all day
that is why she is full of sh!t
Holy Christian Answered:
You're funny. So funny that you are disobeying the rules… AGAIN.
Herodotus Answered:
She's sweet. As I understand it she came to believe as a way out of a troubled life, I can't begrudge her that, even if I don't agree with her.
King Tut Answered:
What is Fireball?
I have PMS and a gun Answered:
Icepunchpie Answered:
Steve B Answered:
I find it sweet that someone can be so naive in this modern time of information access.
Bulldog Drummond Answered:
Where you see humor, I see tragedy.

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