Am I…………….. the chosen one?

Gingerbread man Asked: Am I…………….. the chosen one?

I have reason to believe that I am the chosen one. I have psychic visions, and every time I want something, I have the opportunity to get it. Am I the chosen one?


mr know it all Answered:
********* please, you're just a potato
Cartesy Answered:
I'm thinking about a number from 1 to 20. What is it?
Girl with guts Answered:


you taste good, yum.

Mishti Answered:
Let me tell you honestly, you might just be hallucinating.
But if you are really serious, then you must find a way to channel your powers to help the rest of the world, the very reason God must have bestowed you with the Chosen Powers.
Anyway, let me tell you, even if you find these visions to be false in the future, do not feel dejected, for it is only natural to not see such visions and suddenly at that.
All the same, let me tell you, research 'MIRA ALFASSA'. She was a powerful occult, and is my Spiritual Guru.
And whatever others say, just believe in yourself.
Good day to you.
Pete M Answered:
Nah, I don't think you're the chosen one.

I think you're just another friggin' lunatic.

SIOBVE Answered:
chosen for what?
Stereotype Answered:
No. You are just another self-indulgent ego-head. Try Vajrayana Buddhism.
Chin song Answered:
The chosen One !!!

It is a figment of your imagination.
I have reason to believe that you have had a pact with the Devil, something in exchange for the "powers".

Nothing is for free.

Joe Answered:
According to some acient scriptures I found in a treasure chest in a secret chamber in my attic the chosen one isn't suppossed to appear for another 7 years (leap years extra day not accounted for). There is a slight chance that you could be the vice chosen one, wich in a case that something happens to the real chosen one you would take over his place. The scripture describes him as a man made out of gingerbread.

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