Am i some sort of Psychic? Whats going on with my dreams?

Nadine M Asked: Am i some sort of Psychic? Whats going on with my dreams?

It all started when i was at the age of 12 (im 16 now). I would see something and get dayshavoo(sp?). Like id seen it before but i knew i hadn't before. Then as time went on i started to understand where i was seeing these things from. They where from my dreams. Sometimes when i sleep i get random images that dont have much meaning and i dont remember them tell i see them when im awake and normally something really bad happens that day or something really good. Like a warning. Most of the time the faces are fuzzy if ive never met the person before that is in my dream. I dont think this is normal or what i am or why this happens to me so often. Can anyone explain this to me?


nicomancool Answered:
The brain (mind) is an incredibly complex and difficult organ to understand, but by the way you are describing your experiences it sound like you have devoloped a sixth sense, but it's not dj vu, it's called premonition.

Deja vu is an experience many people have when their is delayed connection in the brain from what they just heard or saw. And it makes it feel like youve experienced itbefore. That doesn't mean your psychic.

And premonitions are visions of sort, of future experiences and come usually as regular night dreams or day dreams. That is believed to be part of psychic ability.

What I would do is, take notes of your dreams whenever you wake up, and keep them as records to verify your experiences. And to strengthen your skill.

Hoped I helped.

Sam H Answered:
No. Science time:when u dream, alot of the times the faces in your dreams are blurred/fuzzy. Somtimes when u see someone in real life your brain matches them with your dream.

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