am i psychic wat should i do?

Asked: am i psychic wat should i do?

Hey since i was 9 ive been having dreams that come true almost all the time there very vivid and im just wondering is this psychic stuff real if it is should i pursue it im 19 by the way help


It's called a premonition everyone the world over gets them… There is not such thing as a psychic.
Make a new goast friend
talk to others about being psychic, you're probably also an indigo child
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To answer your question in a simple way, yes it seems so.

I have also had a great deal of weird dreams for the last years. Psychic abilities are very real and you would find it fun to research and learn about them 🙂

You might be an indigo child.
You don't need to ask if this psychic stuff is real, you know it is because you have premonitions.

You might try applying your gift to finding missing people (murder victims, lost kids, etc).

You might try crime solving (bank robberies, etc).

Before you start on your career, however, concentrate on what the future might hold.For example, the psychics who worked for the W. Bush administration failed to realize, in time, that he was going to make torture camps, and that their gifts would be used for evil.They didn't realize that they and their fellow government psychics were to be drugged and otherwise abused.Moore was a psychic who was similarly abused in previous administrations (he wrote a book about it).

Use your psychic gift to guide your own life.

We are very complex beings with each of us having various abilities. Many individuals report having experiences with certain psychic abilities. Some are able to tune in to them more than others and others it just takes a little more focus . These abilities are quite natural and are very much a part of our existence. Many individuals are highly intuitive, which is very much related to psychic abilities. You feel a sense of knowing without really any real effort. It just comes to you. It's almost like you are highly synchronized and in tune with the world . Sometimes when I watch Jeopardy, I can pick up on the answers quite easily. This is a really good way to sharpen your intuitive skills as well as to become more knowledgeable on many subjects. I would also recommend meditation. This is a great way to tune into your inner self and help sharpen and become in touch with yourself and your inner abilities. It will also put you more at peace. I would not worry, this is normal to experience. Just try to put yourself at ease and focus on yourself. You will notice that it can become more second nature. Good luck.
No 'psychic' has ever been able to prove their abilties when put to rigorous controlled testing.We know about the tricks they use such as "cold reading". I'm sure if you tested yourself you'd find no effect as well. You need to write down your dreams as soon as possible after having them. Check them for accuracy over time. I expect you'll find you are forgetting all the dreams that don't come true and only remembering the ones that seem to ring true.We all have several dreams every night, there is going to be some coincidences.

Look up "confirmation bias".

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