Am I psychic, intuitive, or simply normal?

Asked: Am I psychic, intuitive, or simply normal?

When I was a wee gal, I was in the car with my grandpa. We were really close, and I loved him dearly. But I had a sudden, disturbing hunch. I thought to myself "this might be the last time I see grandpa". Eventually I go home, and I don't see him again. He and my grandma both go up north to Maine and he dies. Another time, it was summer and my sis and her friend where playing outside. We had a swing set, and they decided to try to make a water slide, using the slide and a hose. When they invited me to join them, I said I didn't feel like it, and that I didn't have a good feeling about it. They went, and they got viciously attacked by wasps. I mean, their faces were covered in bee stings. This winter, we had a massive storm, and my parents sold our generator before hand. I had told them we would need it, and the day after they sold it, we lost power. I also have hunches like that from time to time, and I'm usually pretty accurate, especially when it comes to people. I am extremely intuitive when I meet someone new; I already have them figured out most of the time. A couple of years ago, I believe I also had a vision of the past. Maybe, maybe not. I'm also almost 15 and I'm female (just giving you a backdrop). So… Am I crazy? Am I simply intuitive? Am I normal? Psychic? Any insight is appreciated!


Nah I wouldnt say you are psychic but you are very intuitive like me 🙂
I can always sense danger before it happens it saved my life once but I cant sense danger for other people just me.
Explanation is simple really, your Subconscious mind is able to put together things that the conscious mind does not take not of and by doing that the subconscious mind can predict what will happen in the future.Some minds are better at doing this stuff than others.
My intuitives only come when im worried, stressed angry. etc.
Keep trusting your instincts
It's hard to be definitive from just a few samples but it looks like you may have the twins, precognitition & premonition. These are probably the most common psi gifts around.
You are psychic.You can predict that something bad would happen (wasps), but not precisely what would happen.Also, you can rather accurately predict the time of the event (and most psychics. . . even strong psychics. . . have difficulty pinpointing exact times).Even the great Edgar Cayce was a bit off on some of his predictions.

So, on balance, I think that you might be strongly psychic.

It would be interesting to get you to work for the police solving murders.I think that you would be an asset.

Sertain people have there own gifts.
I'm able to to see and hear things that others won't.
Also knowing the person before actually getting to know them.
Its a gift you have, consider your self whatever you wish.
But that one thing you have, makes you different from all. [:

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