Am I prophetic- or psychic- or what is this?

Asked: Am I prophetic- or psychic- or what is this?

Hi! Throughout my entire life I have had dealt with spiritual occurrences that really throw me off the wagon. Some of these experiences are auditory, and others are just sensual. Sometimes I can hear something relative to what a story before they even explain small details, and other times I hear about something happening to someone before it happens to them, which includes them becoming injured- even if accidental. I also will get these quick senses off of certain people, as if they come with a story to tell- I can explain their story very accurately. I've had horrible experiences with demonic things- attempting to take advantage of what you could say are "gifts"– Went to a pastor and he annointed me with Oil- did a lot of good. I have let go of many sins- on that repentance- away from sexual sins, lying, stealing– I do my best to avoid it and everyday its been getting better. I am becoming more wiser- but it seems that these things happen whether It is purposefuly intended- or I am just minding my own buisness. I am very confused- I dont know whether its something in my blood- good or evil– if I should charish it or despise it. All I know is how the bible talks against Mediums, and maybe even psychics. Please do not write anything about your religous views- I only need straight forward answers to those who understand this. I do not nead the small talk- simple answers "gifts" "God"— I need an understanding of what this really is, and what i'm really suppose to do with it. I only want straight forward, honest answers- Not from people who are skeptical- who I must say need to learn to move their fingers before they try to get a grip on something, I need straight forward answers from someone who has hands on experience. TY- Hopefully you can help 🙂


You're just another narcissistic twit.
Honestly you are not . If you are really psychic you would have figured out what the next winning Powerball numbers. Just don't quit your day job yet
You may have the gift of knowledge as stated in1 Corinthians 12:8(To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit" NIV). However, you should definitely pray about clarification of this. 🙂
Seek Jesus and learn the word of God. If this get to be less and less as you learn it is not of God and should it get stronger the closer to God you become in Jesus it is of God.
bless you.

As you say it can be good or bad. So seek Jesus and learn more and more and worship and the closer to God you become the clearer you will know if this is good or bad.
If you do not know Jesus, this is most likely evil. If you seek Jesus and worship and follow God's word as best you can and pray to be better daily it may be of God.
Either way Jesus will help you get closer to God and help with this as well. Good or bad Jesus knows and can help. So pray and seek Jesus earnestly.

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