Am I Mentally Insane? (Possibly 80%)?

Shadow Asked: Am I Mentally Insane? (Possibly 80%)?

I'm only 15 but when I was in the first grade I started seeing angels. I thought I was going to die so of course I cried, but I've stopped seeing them. I only saw 9, but now I see a lot of other stuff. Every time I try to look up these things on the web I only think of it at night when my lights are off, and I feel like something is watching me, so I have to turn them on. I'm not scared but I don't feel safe.
I've noticed that I see things daily now, & not only that. I see, hear, and sense things, and I was hoping maybe I was just psychic, as I think I am. At least 5 times a day I start thinking of completely random things that have nothing to do with what I'm currently doing. I can easily draw my attention away from something, so do I just have an over active imagination? I suspect I may be 80% mentally insane, as I can still control my thoughts. But I'm not so sure. I see mutant rabbits, whenever my older sister brings her dog home with her and they leave, I see the dog even though it's not there. I see images in the corner of my eyes. But I'm not scared for some reason. I speak the queen's english(I'm not American or European) and at times I find myself talking as if someone is reading my mind, because someone is. I have subjected myself into complete apathy for most things… so…..
Sorry this was so long… Also I'm male if that helps.


Cloud Answered:
It's called your imagination.

If you were crazy you wouldn't be questioning yourself.

Jalen Martin Answered:
idk what to say except tell your parents.what exactly do angels look like anyways? o yea n if your on drungs i would stop if i were you

Jesse Tan Answered:
Dude!, I don't wanna scare you but… It might be a brain tumor or something with your brain, I don't think an insane person would worry about themselves they would be busy being…insane no offense so go to the doctor and I hope everything gets better

Francis Answered:
The visons, the angels, the mutant rabbits, and the irrelevant thoughts are just your mind's natural way of organizing itself. Everyone is different in this regard.

Hoggrim Answered:
Psychosis doesn't have a percentage. Except for the binder trash and the "killing humans" jibe, This could actually sound like schizophrenia symptoms. Hallucinations, confusion / memory problems and anhedonia (lack of joy in things you once found enjoyable). Find a shrink.

Natly Answered:
To me it kinda sounds like Schizophrenia. I know your probably denying right now. But what if your Schizophrenia is at its early stage right now? And you may not even know it? I would get a psychiatrist involve in your case. Good luck buddy :).

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