Am I becoming more in tune to my psychic ability?

Dark Betty Asked: Am I becoming more in tune to my psychic ability?

Lately, I have been feeling this "just know" sensing and increasing more. Like, I can tell someone would be calling home or someone going to wake me up. Or somehow, I'd know someone or myself would fall or get hurt, but I prevented it from actually happening. It's like I'm fully aware of everything around me, but why is it increasing?

I mean, I'm used to have dreams giving me visions from time to time where I knew my uncle was coming home for Christmas. I told my mom that and she didn't believe it was possible. A week later, my uncle came home before Christmas happened. That's when mom started to realize I have a gift or talent. Or Promotion, but my dream tends to be broken up into messages until I get what they're telling me.

But, I noticed I'm too aware of everything I do and become more in tune to my psychic. I'll know there's a school fight or I'll know something is wrong in a few days or I know something would really turn around.

Is my subconscious waking up my psychic ability more or what?


regulator089 Answered:
possibly. I do believe people can read minds.. I have no proof but i am curious if the electricity moving through our brains can mirror certain stimuli to others.
Tim M Answered:
At times we can have experiences that are of a psychic nature and they can give us a glimpse into future events and happenings. This is also referred to as "precognition" and it is common to experienced among many individuals. This is usually experienced during the sleep state but can come in the waking state as well. You can be shown a brief glimpse and it may not make sense at the time but over time as it unfolds you can connect the dots and then realize its significance. This may seem extraordinary, and it is, but many individuals make reports of having experienced this.

I would recommend keeping a log or journal of your encounters and what you see and experience. It will be at a later point in time when to make the correlations of what you encounter and when it unfolds. I have experienced this more than once and it can be quite mind blowing. Take care.

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