Am I a Psychic Vampire?

Asked: Am I a Psychic Vampire?

I live in NYC since five years ago. Today I feel so sick and so tired and weird.I'm a Psychic Medium, I can read peoples palms and read tarot cards. I can feel peoples pain or anything around me that is in pain. I have being doing my research about psychic vampires this last day and found out I have many of the characteristics. I feel pain in my back, feel very sick. I don't like to sleep alone, I hate it. I feel better around people, much better. Guys always stare at me, they always try to be close to me. I feel like I'm a peace of meat and they are dogs fighting themselves to eat me. I feel happy and so energetic after talking to someone on the phone. We would of speak of hours if they didn't want to call short. I have read on how the Psychic vampires feed on people it is scary. I can feel energy and ghosts around me, I know I will start to see them soon. I have being depressed and I'm always hungry, I eat three times a day but still.

I'm a good person, a pure heart. My aura catches a lot of negative energy because I don't know how to feed yet. I'm desperate. I have a psychic tranic vampire friend but I don't want to tell him that I am one too. I'm awakening. I have this senses, I can hear things from very far, I can feel danger when it is very very close. I don't know If the reason why I tell people everything about them is because I read the lines on their palms or because I'm draining their energy. I always have headaches. I have taken pills to sleep, they work sometimes. I'm a witch and I wish I can use his ability to help other people not to harm them. Please help me, please. I have tried suicide.


*Thinks to self* that's new….

Okay, vampires don't exist. And being a psychic is impossible….

there is no such thing as a psychic or a psychic vampire

as for your suicide attempt see a doctor

Oh please, this whole "psychic vampire" crap is pure bull.
I think it's "psycho vermin".

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