Am I a Psi Vampire? (take seriously)?

Adela Asked: Am I a Psi Vampire? (take seriously)?

Okay so I only want those who are vampires or know a lot about them to answer this. No Twilight crap or anything like that!
So symptom wise: I have been pretty depressed lately.
I keep having mood swings even when I'm off my period.
I have fatigue a lot, but I'm usually energized when around people.
I am psychic and empathic.
I'm sensitive to sunlight.
I have trouble sleeping at night and not even sleeping pills help me sleep.
I have random muscle spasms all the time.
I notice my best friend and my family get tired a lot when I'm around them.
The only thing is that I'm a pretty happy person and I like making people smile. I don't know if that changes things, but at the same time I'm a loner as well. I love to have my alone time and can only be around people for so long.
Okay so that's it and PLEASE don't think I'm crazy or anything and take seriously. I know some of you guys are trolls and like to kid around when people ask questions like these, but I honestly don't want to hear it. For those of you who will take my question seriously please answer as truthfully as you can 🙂


Jeremy Answered:
If your a vampire that must mean I'm a gi joe
mercvirgo Answered:
People need to be in other people's auras for so many reasons.You are not supposed to steal their energy though, even if you are tired.With the tired, muscle spasms, sensitive to light, trouble sleeping, it sounds like you may have an illness and should see a doctor. You need to bring in more vital force.Stand on the actual dirt of the earth and through your feet chakra, bring in clean earth energy.Step somewhere else and let out the bad energy through your feet. Step somewhere else and take in the good earth energy.Imagine a chord around your ankles or whatever symbolism you like and do this. Yes, you can do this.I still think you have symptoms and should see a doctor.
If you continue to steal energy from people around you, and they know you are doing this, they will avoid you. If you know someone who does Reiki, you could get a treatment and ask what the Reiki practitioner finds about you. Reiki is working with vital force.
embrss Answered:
It would seem a lil unlikely by what you said.I know what your trying to ask though.Some people have damaged auras or energy around them for whatever reason.Possibly depression or illness, and they often pull the energy from the people around them to make themselves better.Part of me wants to say this is what you're describing, but if your a happy enough person to begin with, it doesn't seem likely that you'd be pulling from the people around you.And people who are these "psi vampires" (a really stupid name for it), aren't always like that permanently as far as I know.It only occurs when the persons aura is in need of some extra energy and fixing.
Mystic Mavis Answered:
"I notice my best friend and my family get tired a lot when I'm around them."

My spirit guides tell me that this is true. Try to annoy them a little less.

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