Am I a psi (psychic) vampire?

Alison Sipe Asked: Am I a psi (psychic) vampire?

i have some symptoms (dark colored ring around iris, enhanced senses, an extreme tolerence for pain, sometimes i recall other peoples memories, when im in the room someone always gets fatigued or tired or headaches, my room is usually cold, the world seems different….i cant really explain that one… i hate bright lights, they give me headaches, i prefer to stay inside during the day, when im around a lot of people i feel a surge of energy and an overwhelming mixture of emotions, and when im alone for too long i feel drained, like no energy, and mildly "sick", i attract "weird" personalities, im either happy or really depressed, and more.)
PLEASE NO JOKE ANSWERS. i would really like an answer, or advice. thank you


HollyPaw Answered:
They are rare in this reality,so on the whole no.
Mrlego Answered:
No, because there's no logical way that anyone can predict the future. No one has ever been able to prove under reasonable experimental conditions that they can read minds or predict the future.
Woman in Uniform Answered:
abul Answered:
No… No one know the future……….

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