A ROMANTIC anime with the kind of relationship that ______ & ________ have?

Asked: A ROMANTIC anime with the kind of relationship that ______ & ________ have?

(I know this is long, please read it all!!!! PLEASE!!!)
Some of my favorite romantic anime are…
Kaze No Stigma..
Black Blood Brothers..
and some more.. which I had in mind while writing the question above but can't remember at the moment.
In Kaze no Stigma, and, Psychic Detective Yakumo (oh yeah, that was it) the main male character was sort of a cool, laid back guy who tried to seem as if he didn't care and.. whatever words you want to describe him ..
I really like the kind og relationship they had. It was cute to watch the girl make the guy less… to make him seem as if he now had some sort of something.
In Kaze No Stigma, he had a sad past. Well, don't they all..? But what I mean is that in both the anime I am talking about, the guy is cool and quite and works for the money.
I want an anime (romance please) that the male character sort of seems to not care.. but is actually starting to like the girl.. I dont know how to explain it…
Sooo…. Oh, please don't suggestion Fushigi Yuugi or any of the popular ones because I bet I've already seen it.
But if you think there's a chance I haven't..
Also, I'm pretty sure please just want to answer for the points.. please dont do that. I really want some answers… that would be nice..
And don't go anywhere off the request. I actually want something cool, fun and romantic and .. whatever to watch. Not some romance drama for 5 year olds.. like Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach.
Something like KNS, or SDY.
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


idk what your trying to explain, but here are some of my fav. romantic anime

Zero no Tsukaima
SKET Dance (has romance in it and the guy doesn't seem to notice :p )
Ano Matsu de Materu
Myself; Yourself
My Little Monster
and Astarotte's Toy

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