a good pokemon emerald team?

Jayjay Asked: a good pokemon emerald team?

these are the pokemon that i plan on using:
blaziken – blaze kick, earthquake, thunder punch,sky uppercut
alakazam – psychic, psybeam, recover, shockwave
glalie – ice beam, blizzard, crunch, icy wind/hail
starmie – surf, thunderbolt, psychic, ice beam
rayquaza – fly, extremespeed, dragonclaw, flamethrower

can you rate my team and moveset? and can you also give 1 more pokemon that i can use?


VII Saix VII Answered:
That is the coolest thing I've ever heard in my fricken life that I don't know how to answer this, haha…
Maybe it's true…(really seems like it is) I wouldn't think that it is a bad thing though, as you can see he has probably already saved your life. Don't let him go…
Good Luck!!!
BOSS Answered:
This might sound crazy but it actually is not impossible. It has been done before and it sounds like your boyfriend is one of the rare people who has actually trained his mind to do it. I can understand why he would want to keep it quiet though. I know it must be an amazing secret but, for him, keep it a secret. What a rare and special gift. How cool and also, how helpful. He could help/change/save every life he comes in contact with :} Amazing.

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