#55 2012 Awakening – kirk’s channel – Avatars/Fifth Dimension Separation – Connection 5/12

2012 Awakening Global psychic spiritual shift – internal shift restore the natural connection to your Divine Higher Self: Spiritual Awakening for: Lightworkers shaman healers mystics Indigos Star Seeds Psychics Yogis Reiki masters and all the world's Spiritual magical mystical beings from all dimensions in the service of Love healing and light Channel #55 – May 12 2012 unscripted un rehearsed channeling talk – spiritual talk for an upgraded consciousness for 2012 star gate portal opening kirk's topics – the Aura – ROYGBIV Roy-G-Biv represents the colors from red to violet in our energy light aura bodies we are vibrations of light color and sound Accessing the higher fifth dimension and beyond constant contact as a Spiritual practice authentic intention – the real self versus the Fake ? self kirk asks which is the greater or truer reality – what is reality ?? we have one reality of pain and fear and doubts – debt – scarcity and insanity or we have another dimension Divine connection where we access truth – love light creativity healing unlimited connection An unlimited Higher power with all the intelligence and Love and light to restore us – protect us and provide for us – kirk is a trance medium channeler healer kirk is available to see clients in person or over the phone or IM Vid cam to assist them to re connect to their Divine Higher Self thru a variety of Spiritual and religious and esoteric techniques and traditions and practices for a greater awareness of your <b>…</b>